I am Elder Brett Moore, an LDS Missionary serving in the Japan Tokyo Mission from September 2015 - September 2017. I can be emailed while on the mission at: brett.moore@myldsmail.net

Elder Brett Moore

Elder Brett Moore

Monday, June 26, 2017

Week 91- 6/26/2017 The Beginnings of Typhoon Season

Hey everybody! It's that time where I tell you about my week and try to make it seem coherent. I hope you enjoy this weeks ramblings. 
Now on to the events of this week. We had Zone p day and that was cool. On Tuesday we helped at the disability center and had a good time. A couple fights almost broke out between the attendees so that was interesting. 

On Wednesday it rained way hard. It rained hard enough to eventually soak through my rain suit and make me all wet! But that's just how the mission goes. They only come one day in every once in a while but it sure is an adventure. We finished the day with Eikaiwa and had a good time teaching English.

Thursday was actually just a pretty normal day. We did some planning and passed out fliers at a nearby eki. 
Friday was splits with the zone leaders. I went with Elder Mocodompis, from Indonesia and we had a good time. We ate curry and played baseball with the local colleges team members. We also taught a practice lesson to one of the youth in the ward and that went really well. I had about the same understanding of the lessons before my lesson as he does buts okay because you learn fast. Then we had Chinese class at night and it was awesome. Our investigator Wuu taught it and now I can introduce myself.

 Saturday was the ward softball activity and Mission School. It's the first time I've ever actually played a full on game. I've got pictures that I'll attach. It was way hot that day though and everybody was pretty exhausted. Then on Sunday we had church and FHE at Illya's house. Wuu came and I learned more Chinese so that was pretty fun.

Anyways that's my week. Hope everybody else had a good one. I'm officially at the two month mark and I'll be home! Later!

Week 90- 6/19/2017 The Week I Had A Choice To Go Home Or Not

Hey everybody! Don't be alarmed with the email title. I'll explain later.
I'm so tired now it's hard to remember things. I'm in need of at least
one nap every day and if I don't take one I get way slow and tired.
The sun is also brutal here. I get darker by the day. We're on a
coastal city so it's just everywhere. I love this area so much though.

We had a pretty awesome week. Still no new people but we made some
progress with those we do have. Our Chinese investigator Wuu is doing
really good. He wants to start a Chinese class because he's way
thankful that we help him and teach him about God. He's really
sensitive to the spirit and loves to pray. We met to talk about
Chinese school and we ended talking about happiness and why we can
experience being happy, but finding true and lasting happiness happens
through the gospel. He really liked that and he offered to pray. He
gives really good prayers. We're going to try and set a baptismal date
this week!

As far as the days go, they all tend to jumble together. I'm pretty
sunburnt. I got to go to the temple this week which was awesome. We
went and did lots of fun stuff. I told you about it last week. The
best part about serving here is there's lots of cool stuff really
close by.
Wednesday was pretty good as well. I had a really good conversation
with Wuu after Eikaiwa and he expressed how much he loves to talk to
us and wants to learn about the Book of Mormon but he's just so busy.
He has such a pure heart.
Thursday was companion exchanges wi Elder Ogawa, and Japanese transfer
one missionary. We live together but it was pretty fun. He a really
interesting guy. We went to the disability center and I'm getting
really comfortable with working with them. They're all so nice and
they all are my friends.
Friday was District Meeting and stuff. I got to meet Hitoshi! We're
going out to Mexican food next week. We used to hang out all the time
last year but he's been really busy so we're helping him. He's got a
lot of questions but he's just really inquisitive and wants to learn.
Easily one of my best friends.
Saturday and Sunday was pretty much just teaching English and doing
cool missions stuff. Oh and church.
Today we had Zone p day so we went a place called kasai rinkai koen,
which is a park on the beach with a massive Ferris wheel and stuff. We
had a sand castle building competition and I got to touch a jelly
fish. They feel like firm jello. Then we rode he Ferris wheel and took
a whole lot of pictures. Anyways hope you have a good week!

Oh and about the title, I've been getting head aches every day or
nearly every day but this happened last summer as well. I called the
doctor and we talked it over and gave me the choice to gaman (deal
with it) or go home this week. I'm just going to deal with it but I've
been being careful. Hopefully it doesn't turn into anything big.
Anyways, nothing to be worried about. If it was bad I would have
telephoned home. Anyways bye!

Ruka got baptized!

the Ferris wheel

me on said Ferris wheel

Disney land

A picture of Home!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Week 89- 6/12/2017 The Last Temple P-Day

Hey everybody! This week was crazy insane but once again I don't have
much of a remembrance of it.  The only thing worth reporting about
last Monday is we played basketball. I'm getting better!
Tuesday was a pretty fun day. We did service down at the disability
center and then booked it down to Tomita Kyoudai's house for a Mogi
lesson. He used to live in Oyama before he moved here a few mot he ago
so we have stuff in common. We then dropped by the Murakami family's
and they gave us oatmeal raisin cookies. So good.
Wednesday spent planning, traveling, and teaching Eikaiwa. People
really like my class. Probably because I'm just a really cool guy.
Thursday was splits with Elder Morris. We were busy. I learned how to
play baseball from the local college team. They say I have a pretty
good arm. We also ate some really tasty indo curry and taught a really
good lesson.
Friday was meetings, study, and traveling. Saturday was exercise class
and it's getting harder and harder. Still no problem for me though! I
really enjoy the work out. We also ate some really tasty sushi with
Kazama Kyoudai and tried to do an arm wrestling activity down in front
of the station. It was actually pretty good! We ended Saturday with
Mission School and we had a psychology class after that. We usually
have members teach their hobbies or skills so we were given a course
on psychology. It was pretty fun.

Sunday was church. We also got to go to the Weatherstons, which is
super nostalgic. We went a lot a year ago. I got to meet my old
investigator Tomoki. Still as stubborn as ever. Good times.

We had temple p day this week and since the temple is closing soon it
turned into my last temple p day. We went to asakusa which is a huge
shrine with tons of shops that sell stuff for cheap. Pretty much your
basic tourist trap. Still pretty fun though. That's about it for my
week. Have a good one!

arm wrestling

the Temple


Train from Asakusa. It was way nice.

dinner with Seigo

Week 88- 6/5/2017 I Figured it Out

Welcome to Elder Moore's email extravaganza. I'll be your host on this
wonderful adventure. This are going along well in the land of Urayasu.
All of our investigators are busy, but at least they like us so they
try to meet.

This week was beautiful and full of sunshine. On Monday we played
basketball with Illya and I jammed my finger way bad. We all thought
it was broken. But I didn't have money so I couldn't go to the doctor.
Tuesday was a normal day of not much planned. We served at a mental
disability center. That's always an interesting experience but I come
back having learned so much more. The Light of Christ is very strong
in these individual sons and daughters of God.
Wednesday was the day I actually went to the hospital. Turns out my
finger is not broken. But the doctor said I did something to the
ligament probably so I need to be careful or else I need surgery. I
can finally understand what doctors say and I didn't even need the
help of my Japanese companion. Looks like spending money on a hospital
membership last year was a good idea after all! Same place, one year
Thursday was weekly planning. We also tried to visit a less active
family in the rain but they weren't there. Oh well, the old saying
goes that the longer you stay out in the rain, the prettier your
future wife gets. I guess we're lucky here because it rains a lot!
Friday was Zone Conference and I got to see two of my three sons!
President Nagano talked to us how to be more gooder and we ate some
tasty taco rice. I'll teach you how to make it when I get home (easier
than you think).
Saturday was busy. We were able to see ALL our investigators and we
had a good time. We also taught mission school and I told a funny
joke. The joke is "What is a pirates favorite letter?"

Well you may think it's R, but his true love will always be the C.

Sunday was stake conference, we got a new stake president. I don't
know him so I'm assuming it doesn't matter much to me. But all the
wards in Tokyo gathered and it was a pretty big deal.
Now we're back to today! Man these emails get harder and harder to
write. Hope you all have a good week!

Sushi with the Yamashitas

One of my Sons and I

The Tokyo Zones

Just a nice picture of my area.