I am Elder Brett Moore, an LDS Missionary serving in the Japan Tokyo Mission from September 2015 - September 2017. I can be emailed while on the mission at: brett.moore@myldsmail.net

Elder Brett Moore

Elder Brett Moore

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Week 73- 2/20/17 At Least I'm Pretty Sure It's Week 73

Hello everybody. This was a very very busy week. We had a bunch of
stuff going on so let's get into it.

 Tuesday was Zone Conference! Luckily it was in our area so all we had
to do was show up to the church a little earlier. We learned a good
deal and it's was pretty fun. Maybe you'll see me in the video on
Facebook or the zone picture. I look like a dweeb unfortunately. We
then taught English to a youth in the ward named Hiroya and it went
way good.
Wednesday was interviews with President Nagano. This time we had to
travel to Maebashi on the other side of the next zone over. We pretty
much just spent all day riding trains. We had some good Indian curry
and talked with president for a bit. Then we had a short exchange with
the zone leaders so I went to Koga area for the night and taught
Eikaiwa there.
Thursday was spent doing some administrative things and giving phones
to missionaries. The mission is doing a huge turn over and everybody
gets new phones. My job was to get them to people so we went to
Utsunomiya. We also taught some friends which was great.
Friday was pretty fun. We did some service for our friend Rob and his
family. They want to do a new backyard layout so we've been clearing
grass. It's pretty fun and it's always great having an opportunity to
wear normal clothes. We also had choir night and sung and stuff.
Saturday we wanted to weekly Plan but things got in the way
repeatedly. We taught some friends and I got a haircut from a less
active. It was needed as well. We set times with them to make curry so
that'll be fun.
Sunday was way great. Elder Holland came to Japan and gave a huge
stake conference. We watched the broadcast and it was absolutely
amazing. A ton of people cried, even the young man next to me. We've
been working with him so it's good to see progress. We've been
prepping him for a mission and teaching him English. Then we had tons
of meal appointments. Everywhere we went we were fed so it was pretty

Now I'm back to Monday. Thanks for tuning in and have a great week.
Transfer calls are next week by the way. This transfer has gone
extremely fast!

a girl drew me! I was pretty touched

Koga Eikaiwa

the church made these manga pamphlets explaining who we are

Empty train pictures!
Ward member that served with Uncle Kevin in Fukuoka, Japan

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Week 72- 2/13/17 It Snowed This Week

Yes it did snow this week. Hello everybody! It's email time again so
sit down and buckle up! Get ready for one of the most boring
missionary emails ever.

Tuesday was spent on trains going to a less active youths house.
Unfortunately he's never home when we have time to go. We then spent
the rest of the day getting back then we taught English! On Wednesday
we had another fun train ride but just to the next city over. We also
taught more English at night. My mission has taught me that I don't
want to be an English teacher. So much of English is culturally based
so when somebody tries to learn from outside the culture they don't
understand. We also had all you can eat meat with a Samoan and that
was pretty fun. His name is Sonny and he's huge. I have a picture.
Thursday was zone meeting and more all you can eat meat. We also did
some weekly planning, got bored, and visited a bunch of other people.
Friday was more weekly planning, and service at a Canadians house. I
moved rocks and pretty much weeded and played with spiders and slugs
for a good two hours. It was pretty therapeutic and we are good
friends with this family now.
On Saturday we had lunch with a member in the ward. He used to be a
professional boxer so he taught me some moves. Also we went up to a
place called Utsunomiya and did a blitz with the traveling assistants.
We tested all these people with English questions and told them to
come to our mission school. Pretty much more teaching English. Then
Sunday was a normal Sunday.

Things are going well here in Oyama. Just living day to day and having
a good time. This transfer has gone way fast actually but it doesn't
feel like anything huge has happened. I've been having fun though.
That's about all I have for you all but feel free to email back!

Hanging with Sonny


Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Week 71- 2/7/17 Holy Cow I'm Tired

Hello family, sorry for the late email. We had quite the busy week up here in Oyama. I'll tell you a little about it.

On Tuesday we went and did service for a dude who's from Canada. We lifted these heavy rocks out of the ground and did things with our American power. We're going back over this week. 
Wednesday was full of just finding. We didn't find any new friends but we did find a dragon ball z action figure which we proceeded to give to a less active member youth because he likes dragon ball. I'll talk about that in a bit. 
Thursday was weekly planning and having a good time. We visited some members
Friday which was a split! Because I'm District Leader, other people come to my area and they work with me. I pretty much just see how they work, encourage, help improve, and love. We went to yakiniku for lunch, which is never a good idea when you have a full day of stuff to do. We also housed this way crazy apartment building which I'll send pictures of.
Saturday was the day of many foods. We had District Meeting and then got the heck out because a less active took us to lunch and an all you can eat place. After eating, he took us to an Audi dealership and introduced us to his dealer and mechanic. We were getting pretty nervous because he was pointing at cars and asking if we like them. We almost got an Audi. Then we came home and visited one of the strongest members family because it was their birthday. We were then invited to crash their party and eat a lot. Again. 
Sunday was Sunday. We had a way cool investigator come to church. His name is Takahiro and he's the bomb. We also went to a piano concert and then got invited next week to a dinner party. We are very high class here. 
We also ate a ton on Monday. I posted on Facebook about it. We went with a Samoan.

That's all I got for y'all. We went to the Edo history museum which is pretty much Tokyo before it got wrecked in WW2.