I am Elder Brett Moore, an LDS Missionary serving in the Japan Tokyo Mission from September 2015 - September 2017. I can be emailed while on the mission at: brett.moore@myldsmail.net

Elder Brett Moore

Elder Brett Moore

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Week 48- 8/29/16 Broken Rods and More Typhoons

This week was a very very exhausting week.
Monday was a typhoon. Tuesday was temple p day, which was nice, but we came back in a typhoon. Wednesday was actually pretty cool. We did radio Eikaiwa so I went to the local station and recorded myself speaking in English. I got a picture for your enjoyment. Thursday was where the week gets crazy. We wake up at five to catch the train to Oyama for Zone Conference. After that 6 hour conference, we hop in the car with the assistants who take us to the Honbu. That took about 3 hours. We get to Senzokuike and camp for the night in their apartment, prepping for the next day. Friday was the big one. We got up, ice and early, and traveled to Yokohama which is out of our mission. We went to Yokosuka Naval station for Elder Lewis' physical test. It was really interesting being back on an American military base. Felt just like home. I got to eat Barbeque ribs and taco bell while I was there. It was so good. After 12 hours, we finally got to leave. Saturday was spent getting home, then we buffed the gym floor at the church and made the members happy. Then Sunday was Sunday. I wish I could say more but I'm tired to the point where I'd rather not relive all the events that happened.
To make it all better, my bike broke. The axle rod in my back rear tire broke, and is irreplaceable and we can't repair it for a reasonable cost. So now my bike is getting scrapped and I have to get a new bike and have to go pick it up this Monday.
 All in all, it was a week of experiences and patience tests. Pictures!

Mmmm, Taco Bell

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Week 47- 8/23/16 Never Been "Wetter"

Nakkara yabenbe! It's Elder Moore coming straight from the waterlogged
streets of Kiryu. There wasn't a day where it didn't rain. The
typhoons have come in full force around here and we happened to take
the brunt of them. Let's get started shall we?

This week started off with a bang. Right after I emailed ya'll we ran
home and packed then bikes to the station, packed up our bikes, and
hopped on a two hour train ride to go on splits. Tuesday was split
day. I was with the district leader Elder Broadbear. Guess what,
that's when the first typhoon hit. Luckily, the rain got more intense
when we were inside, and in the two seconds it took us to walk to a
new building to knock on it lessened, then hit hard again. The lord
watches out for us. We found 3 new investigators and then when the
rain stopped, a house down the road caught fire. Got a good picture.

Wednesday was spent going home from splits, and teaching Eikaiwa.
Thursday, we took another train down to Maebashi for zone meeting,
this time without our bikes. After we went to Indo curry as a district
and I ate a very large amount of naan. Friday, we spent a long time at
the old folks home. We ate tofu with them and I helped an old guy with
three fingers build a tinker bell puzzle. It was really sparkly,
making it hard to see and build. We did it though. Then we taught
commander Fujinuma. Saturday was a very rainy day. We helped an older
member move one of his 3 refrigerators, then went to a referrals house
and made soba. He likes guns but since it's illegal to own guns in
Japan all the the ones he owns are fake model ones. We bonded over a
general knowledge.

On Sunday we watched the Sapporo temple dedication broadcasted.
Temples have been a center on our teaching strategy lately and I just
want to say how lucky we are to have temples. Inside, man can
literally prepare to become more than what he really is, and take the
blessings of the priesthood to eternity for not just him, but his
family. Then we had a lesson  and got two new investigators. Pretty
good week I'd say. This week were pretty busy. On Thursday and Friday
we won't be in our own area. We get to go to Yokosuka navy base in the
Tokyo South Mission because elder Lewis is training to get into the
Naval Academy. I'm very excited to eat American food. Also it turns
out that Kiryu has its own hougen. A hougen is like an accent. They
change up a few words, hence the name of the email. For example, sugoi
turns into sugenbe and yabai turns into yabenbe. My new catchphrase in
"Nakkara Yabenbe" which means essentially, freaking sick.

going to splits

house fire

representing Centennial High School!

me in a typhoon

me in today's typhoon without rain gear. We were at the
temple and came home to this

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Week 46- 8/15/16 I am a Master Sergeant


Lets get started on this week shall we? We had quite the busy one, and
the pattern just continues. There's no need to tell you about last
Monday so I'll skip it. Tuesday we went to the Iwashita family's
hatake (field) and worked the farm life for a few hours. Their house
is over a hundred years old so it's pretty cool looking. We hacked
weeds with tiny scythes and pick fresh blueberries and grapes. Then
the bees got mad and launched a full scale attack on us. Elder Lewis
got stung twice. The bees here are pretty nasty too. They all look
like wasps, not the cute little honey bees we have in America. Then we
biked super far and played with Hikaru-kun. He lived with his grandma
and they have like 17 cats. Pretty crazy.

Wednesday we visited the Sakurais to see if their son was there. He
wasn't but the other son was there who is also somebody were trying to
work with so referral contacted! The rest of our day was trying to
visit some members. I got to fire a few air guns because one of
the members we visited wanted to see how good of a shot I was. Then we
taught Eikaiwa. There must be some class on how to be an old Japanese
man because all they want to do is talk about controversial topics
about America. Then we visited more less actives. On
Friday we went to an old folks home and played games with them. They
love us because we're young, gaijin, and actually come to visit them.
We also had a really good shokuji with the Sakurais grandson Aoi-Kun
who isn't a member.

Saturday is where the title of the email comes in. First we helped out
at a little veggie and fish stand run by a part member family.
Contacted 6 referrals. We also visited a less active named Fujinuma.
Fujinuma is a Japanese man (clearly) who says he is a navy seal,
assassinated Kim Jong-un, got shot down a few times, and was the 2nd
best sniper in the marine Corp. we really just think he has
Schizoprenia, but he is a really nice man. He gives all the
missionaries ranks hence the reason I'm Master Sergeant now, and he
was amazed to find out I grew up in the military. Oh by the way Dad,
Fujinuma says he knows where all the American forces are stationed in
Africa, so if you get in trouble, he'll come and help you.

That was pretty much the week. This next week is also a busy one! Pictures!

the tastey food we ate today with the Ward Mission Leader

the tastey food we ate today with the Ward Mission Leader

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Week 45- 8/8/16 The Very Hard Week

Welcome back everybody it's Elder Moore coming to you from the rice
fields in Kiryu. First few days in my area have been busy but good,
and we're seeing a ton of success. I guess I'll recap from the
beginning. After p day last week I went around with Elder Kenley and
said bye to all the people in Urayasu I had grown to love. There was a
massive rain storm on Tuesday but I was packing so we avoided it.

Wednesday was transfer day. Said my final good byes and hopped on the
trains with a small suitcase, a backpack and my bike. It was all well and good for about 45 minutes until I reached
my final station, where I was supposed to transfer onto the ryoumo
line, but there was no sign stating how to get there. So I lugged my
bags and bike around for a solid 30 minutes trying to find a help
desk. When I got to the ticket counter, I couldn't figure out how to
get to my desired station despite having bliss instructions. Luckily
the spirit guided my finger, and I was able to buy the right ticket.
Then it rained even harder when I got to Kiryu. We walked to Eikaiwa
in water up to our calves.

Kiryu is a fairly large area. It took my about 2 hours on an express
train to get here. I'm on the edge of civilization before we reach the
wilderness separating the east and west sides of Japan. The ward is
fairly small, only about 30 active members. However, we've seen a ton
of miracles and even have an investigator with a baptismal date. There
was also a huge summer festival going on, and we got to attend with
members and there non member friends. Then, I got to talk on a live
radio interview at the matsuri about missionary stuff. I also wore a
kimono for this interview. Pictures will follow.

It's also very hot in Kiryu. Apparently Gunma-ken in one of the
hottest prefectures in Japan so I guess it's my luck to get
transferred here in the middle of summer. Either way, things are
looking good in the rice fields. We had a lesson win our investigator
which president and sister Nagano attended. All in all there was ten
people at the lesson.
Well that's it for this week. I have pictures and stuff

Last night at the Weatherstons

saying bye to some friends

Saying bye to friends
The sweet kimono I wore for the radio interview