I am Elder Brett Moore, an LDS Missionary serving in the Japan Tokyo Mission from September 2015 - September 2017. I can be emailed while on the mission at: brett.moore@myldsmail.net

Elder Brett Moore

Elder Brett Moore

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Week 42- 7/18/16 The one that started bad, but was pretty okay

Hey hey hey it's Elder Moore. Get ready and sit down because you're
gonna stand right back up.

This week was literally the slowest ever. All our lessons exploded in
our faces and fell through! But we pulled through and did even BETTER
than last week because my companion is freakin ganbarou. It's also been raining. A ton.
And when it's not raining, we die. The humidity is so high here and
I'm in a city so there's not much space or wind. Luckily we have air

This week we had two cool things, I went on splits with Elder Gibson,
who was in the MTC with me, and we had zone meeting. I had to give a
training on the Christlike attribute of virtue. It went fairly well.
We also got an entire family referred to us by our best member friends
the Weatherstons. We go over fairly often. On Sunday we hand-wrapped
200 gyoza with them, then ate them all. It was a pretty good time.

This week was pretty rough on the lessons but we found two new
investigators this week! Who says Urayasu can't find!? The most
promising is a man from Nigeria named Daniel (hey dad) and he's easily
one of the most prepared people ever. If it goes any further I'll
explain him more but it's about time we found someone around here. We
actually met him today and it went great. We also had zone p day where
we played football and ultimate frisbee at Daiba beach, then walked
around a bit. Pretty fun time. This week is a packed one and it only
gets busier from here. It's crazy that this transfer is already in
week 5. I feel like Elder Kenley and I just started.

Well that's it. Have fun with the pictures. There's a lot this week!
Picture 1: my favorite ramen shop
Picture 2: the big gun dam
Picture 3: Tokyo Zone P day 
Picture 4: preaching from my rock
Picture 5: Dinner at the Weatherstons

Picture 6: eating at the Weatherstons, but a different night 

Week 41 7/11/16- Aisucreemu Daiyo

Hello one and all to Elder Moore's email extravaganza. This week
you're in for a treat, because I have more pictures despite the lack
of interesting things. Let's get started shall we.

Monday was Monday.

Tuesday, wait for it, was Tuesday. We walked around all day and talked
to a whole bunch of people. Elder Kenley and I found this cool river
walk thing in the middle of the area. We also met with Tomoki and took
him to some of the tastiest tonkatsu I've ever had. I'll send a
picture. Wednesday we had Eikaiwa. Eikaiwa days are usually pretty

Thursday I went on splits with Elder Ikegami. This was easily one of
the most intense days ever. The humidity was above 80% and the feel
like temperature was 102 degrees. We were dying. We handed out all the
Books of Mormon we brought with us for the day in like 30 minutes so
we walked back and got more. Luckily our ex mob boss recent concert
Kaise called up so we get to have a lesson. Kaise is pretty much my
adopted Japanese grandpa. Friday was meetings and more meetings, and I
also ate ramen with Prince Charming from Disney land. We help him with
his Japanese, and Saturday was pretty much planning and stuff.

Finally on Sunday we taught Tomoki the long awaited and much
anticipated Word of Wisdom, which was accepted with hardly a problem.
For a guy who won't pray, he certainly enjoys following all the
commandments. Seriously he just needs to be baptized. I have no doubt
that when he finally feels comfortable praying, he will do so with
real intent and be very strong.

Well that's it everybody, I'm glad to email you. I'll add pictures.

 the river

the smaller part of the river mentioned above

picture of Elder Kenley and I on said river
Dinner with Tomoki

Kaise, my Japanese grandpa

Ramen with Prince Charming

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Week 40- 7/4/16 It's Getting Hot

Hello hello it's me again. Most of all, HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY. I'm
celebrating by eating a corn dog. Honestly I don't have much to right
about this week. I started feeling sick on Tuesday, and on Wednesday I
was out of the game until Friday. That means three strait days of
doing absolutely nothing. To make matters worse, we managed to make
one of our biggest fellowshippers mad on Tuesday.

Last Monday BYU Hawaii's chorus came to shinjuku, and we got to go for
free. We also met the Tokyo south missionaries, which is a totally
different mission. We're way cooler. I was stressing out because
I was trying to fellowship 4 different investigators, and that's when
our friend got mad. So this week has been about resting up and doing
damage control. Things are all good now though I think because we got
invited over for dinner last night.

We had a Fourth of July party last night so I'll try to send pictures.
Nobody quite understands the American spirit but everybody had fun. We
organized a family home evening and invited a few families. It's
turned out to be pretty good! Thank you for reading this short email.
Until next week!

Pictures 1-2: 4th of July party
Picture 3- we went to 100 yen sushi and pounded it.
Picture 4- an American truck I found while walking back from an appointment