I am Elder Brett Moore, an LDS Missionary serving in the Japan Tokyo Mission from September 2015 - September 2017. I can be emailed while on the mission at: brett.moore@myldsmail.net

Elder Brett Moore

Elder Brett Moore

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Week 52- 9/26/16 BOOM HALF WAY

You heard it here folks, this Elder only has about 12 months until he comes home. Y'all better get ready because if the second half of my mission is any faster than the first, I'll show up at the door without you knowing. 

So this week was literally the wettest week of my mission. I know I've probably said that a few times but let me get one thing clear. 

You can always get wetter. 

The typhoon started Sunday night, and didn't stop until Sunday morning the next week. I forgot what it was like to experience rain not hitting my face 24/7. And in the words of the great Forest Gump "it even rained up" because the treads on my bike tires throw water at my face, especially going really fast downhill. This week was still good. We started a Book of Mormon study class and literally all of our progressing investigators came. It was a huge success. On my half way day we went out to the high end katsu shop near the church. I had pork katsu, with cheese melted in it. Absolute bliss. Then it rained harder. I actually figured out how much time it takes for my shoes to get dry using a blow drier. 

Probably the biggest miracle of this week was our investigator Shiga. Usually he doesn't read, or pray, or come to church. Really we didn't know why he was meeting with us. But this week, he told us he read all of 1 Nephi, and offered to give the closing prayer. The reason is because somebody he knows died recently and because he's a 70 year old man, and in his words "もうすぐそろそろかな" which is "I'll probably be going soon" he has been thinking a lot about death and what will happen to him. Tons of progress!

Finally I just wanted to end with a little something I learned about commandments. The rules and guidelines God gave us are of course for our protection, but why do they have to be those commandments? Well the answer is simple. Those commandments aren't just rules God chose to hinder or restrict, but because they are eternal laws. There is only one path to eternal life, b if that path is just chosen and changed, then there's no point in having E path. That is why God doesn't change. Principles of righteousness are eternal, unchanging and thereby governed by an eternal, unchanging God. 

I'm excited for the next year on my mission. I'm a little scared because my time is actually ticking away now. I've reached the hill and climbed it. From the words of my father, and his father "what comes up, must come down." I'm ready for all the experiences! Thank you for tuning in this week. Enjoy the pics and such!



 hanging with Masaki

 hanging with Masaki

you don't know what you've got till its gone

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Week 51- 9/19/16 Abiko Is All Hills

Hey everybody it's Elder Moore coming at you straight from the streets
of Abiko. This has been one long week what with transfers and all but
let's get started.

Monday and Tuesday were spent visiting members. All of them were
surprised I was out of here. As was I. I'd say it was sad but I didn't
really get to know anybody. I'm back in the city kind of. Abiko is
like half city and half rural. It's great though because I'm close
enough to Tokyo to have the Tokyo influence but far enough away as to
have some space. I love my new area. My companion also reminds me of Bryce Erbe so we get along great. Today we decided to start growing food so we can
spend less on groceries. We're growing beans and peppers. We bond
through gardening. Our apartment here is really small though.

Wednesday was transfer day. This crazy guy followed me for like two
hours while transferring. He kept trying to get me to take different
trains and go to other places with him. He was getting kind of creepy
but eventually he left so I got to Abiko safely. I realize the sun
never shines here. That's not a bad thing though because the one hour
it did it was hot.

Thursday we met with our investigator who will be baptized in a month
named Hiroki. We played some basketball and he invited a friend. The
friend had no interest but while we were playing some random kid
showed and started to watch us play. We invited him in and at first he
was super awkward. We could drive and blow right through him. However,
he learned fast. I've never seen anybody so good. Nobody could Garuda
him. He could sink a three from anywhere on the court. He could even
jump and hang off the rim. He was about as tall as me! He went from
not good at all to "why isn't he in the NBA? " status.

Thursday and Friday we had a bunch of meetings and visited members. We
went to the biggest LDS church in Japan for zone meeting. It has 5
stories and looks like a castle straight from a fantasy book. It was
beautiful. To be honest I don't remember what we did on Saturday. I
know we had a meeting and talked with a recent convert. It was good
though. We tag team teach and play with his cat.

Sunday was church. Today (Monday) we went to Costco. It's been so long
since good pizza. We also walked around a bit. It was so crowded.
Literally just hundreds of Japanese people looking at American things
and freaking out by how they come in bulk. Like cmon this is Costco
that's how we do. 

We have Elder Bednar coming to speak to us on October 14th so we're pretty excited for that. This will be my second apostle as a missionary. And as far as the language, I just need to learn words. I know enough grammar structure to be fluent, and everybody in my area thinks I'm fluent. They even mistook me for half Japanese at first.

Unfortunately I don't have ,many pictures so I hope y'all have a good week!


Friday, September 16, 2016

Week 50- 9/12/16 Unexpected News

Yes it's me. I'm sure you are all very anxious to hear about this
transfer calls outcome, but of course I'm going to make you all wait.
It gives a little incentive to read the whole thing. Also pictures.

This week was quite the busy one. It was like the first time since
week one where we stayed in our area for the most of the week. I'll
skip to Tuesday since that's the day we actually did stuff.

We met with our investigate Negishi! He's a referral from the bishop
and is one of the nicest old men ever. He has a ton of potential. We
went over for lunch and had intentions to talk about the Book of
Mormon, but his wife who doesn't like us too much came home (story of
my entire mission) and things got awkward. We just sat around and
drank prune juice. But all is well because we set up a different time!
On Wednesday we had intentions to bike to the mountain and cut grass
but a typhoon came and ruined that, so we went to a less active store
and hey gave us lunch as well. We then taught Eikaiwa. Thursday was
district meeting so we went down to Oizumi and ate some good Brazilian
food. I ate this massive burger. My stomach has shrunk but when it
comes to burgers, I still got it. We also taught our investigator
Shuma, who is progressing well towards his baptismal date on the 2nd
of October!
On Friday we went on splits with the Zone Leaders. I was with Elder
Newey. He worked in Urayasu and left before I got there so we had a
lot to talk about. He's a pretty good missionary and I learned a lot.
We visited the old folks home and I got called "handsome and cool" a
ton. The first counselor in the bishopric mentioned that I play bass
and now the care takers want me to play a rock show for all the old
people. I'll see if I can get permission for that. After splits we
visited some less actives who gave me a whole 1.5 liter bottle of
coca-cola and we biked through a mountain to visit a member who
complains that nobody visits. I know why now. It's freaking far.

On Saturday we went to the same market as we did on Wednesday and
helped sell stuff. I got called handsome again and bagged a ton of sea
weed. The mother of the family is less active because she lives far
and her husband is in the hospital but she loves us. Her son and his
family have gotten to love us too, and I won't be surprised if they
started taking the lessons. Things are going well in Kiryu.

It was supposed to rain really bad for the past 3 days but it's missed
us so far. Typhoons are literally the worst. To be honest I'm making
this email pretty long so you have to keep reading. I actually don't
know what's going on because we haven't received calls, but the zone
leaders called and told us one of us is transferring for sure.

And finally, the news you've ALL been waiting for...........

We got an oddball thrown at us. After spending one transfer in Kiryu
I'm transferring AGAIN to Abiko. It's an area a little closer to the
big city so I'm pretty excited. It's also not a huge area, which
another thing I'm excited about. My new companion is named Elder
Swenson and he's one transfer ahead of me.

Well that's it folks. Have a good week! Next time you here from me
it'll be from Abiko!

Kiryu zone conference

the new bike

the kids we teach English to

lunch at Stamina with the ZLs and our investigator

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Week 49- 8/5/2016 The One With A New Bike

Well hello hello everybody. Welcome to another busy week in the life
of Elder Moore. We seem to be busy every week here. We spent most of
our time outside the area.

Monday was spent preparing and emailing all you folks. We then went to
Kumagaya for splits. Oh and my bike broke on Monday, so for the entire
exchange I got to ride a mama-chari. It was pretty embarrassing. We
ate a ton at yakiniku and went on our way. Luckily we haven't had any
typhoons this week. There was supposed to be a really big one on
Monday but it missed us. We got back from splits on Wednesday and
spent the remainder of the day teaching Eikaiwa.

Thursday was also spent out of our area. This time we went to Oizumi,
a place in the mission nicknamed "little Brazil" for the amount of
Brazilians living in the area. After our district meeting we went put
to eat at a Brazilian sandwich shop. It was pretty good.

Friday was our first full day in the area. We started our day by going
to the bike shop only to find out my bike wasn't ready and I had to
wait another day. By this point I've walked a ton because nothing in
our area is within walking distance. The bishop let us borrow a bike,
but it turned out to be a girls child bike. That was even more
embarrassing than my escapade on Tuesday. Saturday we got the new bike
and it is amazing. That's pretty much it for the week. We walked a
ton. This week is the last week of the transfer. I'll let you all know how that is next Monday! Enjoy your week!

a hat I found in he Kumagaya apartment

the sick rainbow we saw on splits