I am Elder Brett Moore, an LDS Missionary serving in the Japan Tokyo Mission from September 2015 - September 2017. I can be emailed while on the mission at: brett.moore@myldsmail.net

Elder Brett Moore

Elder Brett Moore

Monday, January 25, 2016

Week 17- 1/25/16 More Souls!

Hey it's that time of the week again 皆さん! Let me fill you in on everything.

So this week was kind of slow until the weekend but I'll tell you what
happened. We taught and contacted. We've been trying to extend more
baptismal commitments recently, and it's actually really helped us
gauge where our investigators are and what they need help with. We met
with out investigator Nao on Wednesday. We talked a bit about he Book
of Mormon and why it's important to receive answers. We extended the
invitation and he didn't say no. He said he needs to know if this
church is true or not before he says yes. So now we're trying to help
him on the path to do that.

Another pretty amazing thing happened. We extended another baptismal
commitment this week. We've been teaching a father and his children
for the past like 3 weeks. The father is interested in us and wants to
feel the spirit more, because through its influence, he quit alcohol
and smoking, and wants to strengthen his family and wants his kids to
have the spirit. We teach his two oldest English after Eikaiwa and
teach him after we teach his children. This last Saturday, we were
teaching the Gospel of Christ with an emphasis on baptism and the gift
of the Holy Ghost. After testifying strongly, and knowing he felt the
spirit, we extended the invitation to be baptized. Before we even
finished our sentence he said yes. The Lord has been preparing him and
I'm super excited because this is my first time getting a yes to
baptism. We now have two investigators lined up to be baptized (which
is amazing in Japan). We've been working so hard lately and the Lord
came through as always.

To make things better, we had a baptism in the ward yesterday! The
sisters investigator Namatame was baptized!  It was awesome because
Elder Yoshino and I worked with the sisters to make sure everything
was as needed to be. But, things get better. Koda (the father of the
family I was talking about) came to the baptism. We were so blessed in
the final days of this week. Missionary work is hard but just seeing
one person make those necessary changes and steps to eternal life
makes it worth it. I'll attach a picture of us at the baptism! Thanks
for tuning in this week!


Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Week 16- 1/19/2016 We Finally Went to The Zoo

皆さん! how is everybody. This week was a blur honestly. We were really
busy all week and I don't see a break in the foreseeable future. I'll
highlight some of the things we did.

So, we've been teaching this family for a bit. We teach the son
English. His dad took missionary lessons a while back so he has
exposure to the missionaries. The son really likes us, and the dad
decided for us to teach all his kids. We've been building a
relationship with them for the past few weeks. The other night, during
ping-pong, we got to talking about why he was interested in us. He
said that when the missionaries started teaching the Word of Wisdom,
he really liked it. Through following it, and feeling the spirit, he
was able to quit alcohol. He said he wants his kids to have that in
their lives. We've been talking about baptism lately and will try to
commit him this week! They're an amazing family.

Also, we've been teaching this American guy for the past month and a
half. He came to church last Sunday which was surprising. He's been
more receptive then our main focus investigator. However, after
sacrament he pretty much told us to stop wasting our time, religion
just really isn't who he is. Then he accepted a Book of Mormon. We'll
decide later this week on further action.

Really this week just involved a lot of biking and streeting. We had a
few really good contacts, but none of them have replied to us. We
haven't given up hope though. We talk to a lot of people. We recently
made a goal to go above our normal goal while contacting. Lately,
we've been doing really good.

I guess the highlight of this week is going to the zoo and temple.
Today was a temple p-day hence the email delay. I finally got some
good pictures for all of you. I also ate some pretty good gyoza. For
those of you who don't know what gyoza is, it's a Chinese style of
dumpling, usually with pork and cabbage inside. They're usually fried
on one side as well. Well, that's pretty much it for this week. Wish I
could write more but my brain is pretty much fried. Have a good week

At the Temple

A real panda

You could get pretty close to the seals

This polar bear was walking around all mad


The tiger was teasing the lion in the next cage

Penguins. The name of the penguins are actually inappropriate so I can't write them

Red panda

Monday, January 11, 2016

Week 15- 1/11/16 The Wind Doesn't Stop

 So let me give you a recap. We were very busy this week. We taught
like 11 lessons, (half our transfer goal) in one week and saw plenty
of miracles. I also figured out that the wind is always blowing
against us, no matter where we go.

This week was literally non stop work. Since this is Elder Yoshinos
last transfer, we went to Waseda university, one of the leading
Universities the world. He had to get his re-entry interview done.
Also, we had a training meeting. So we took the train to Urawa and met
our new Zone Leader.

Honestly not many cool things are happening other than our
investigators. I'll start with Nao. Recently, Nao has showed a ton of
interest. We usually meet him over ramen and teach him gospel
principles and English. However, this week he surprised us. He said
he's started praying at home by himself every day. We never asked him
to do that. He's not afraid to pray in public either, because he just
offered the prayer for the ramen. Totally blew us away. His faith has
increased a lot and I'm so proud.

Another cool investigator story. Recently, we've been teaching a boy
named Hiroki English. His dad met with missionaries before and their
family comes to every eikaiwa. Recently, they've really become
attached to us. They come to every event we invite them to. Eikaiwa,
mochitsuki, even church. They're an awesome family. To make it better,
the dad gave up coffee and alcohol after learning we don't drink any
of those, without having to give him the commitment. It seems like our
investigators are preparing themselves.

Today, we had a mochitsuki. It's pretty much a party where we make
mochi. Tons of people came, and the members brought friends. Everybody
enjoyed socializing, and I got to show off my strength by pounding the
mochi with a hammer. All in all, it was a good time, and we made a lot
of new people interested in what we teach and do.

I was riding my bike a few days ago, when a car just turn in
front of me. I was going pretty fast but I slammed my brakes and force
the bike sideways. Next thing I know I'm on my feet, perfectly stable,
with my bike a few feet behind. It felt like I was picked up, or

helped up as I ditched the bike. Pretty cool experience.

Anyways thanks for tuning in everybody. Sorry, no pictures this week,
too busy. I'll try to take more next week!