I am Elder Brett Moore, an LDS Missionary serving in the Japan Tokyo Mission from September 2015 - September 2017. I can be emailed while on the mission at: brett.moore@myldsmail.net

Elder Brett Moore

Elder Brett Moore

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Week 78- 3/27/2017 A Caged Bird

Oh boy I I hope y'all are ready for my week because I don't think I've been think physically/emotionally drained in a while. The funny part is we didn't even do anything. We were inside for most of the week, hence the email title.

So let's start with Monday. Elder Sharon started having bad pain Sunday night so we stayed inside and did nothing on Monday. I took a mean 2 hour nap. I recommend for sure. 

Tuesday was Hospital day with Brother Inaba. He was kind enough to drive us down. Funny story, he was the seminary coordinator while I was in Misawa so I actually met him. I have all these videos of 5 years ago me now. Also all of you who were in the class for the New Testament. But we went to the hospital and found out that Elder Sharon's kidney stone is a centimeter in diameter and not moving. He spent three hours in pain Sunday night just to have it right outside his kidney. We then called the doctor and he said he will more than likely need to go home so we set things up for that.

Wednesday was spent inside or teaching English. Thursday was also spent inside and missed out on Zone Conference. We're heading down to Tokyo today to attend though. President then came over and talked about the going home process. Elder Sharon was supposed to leave on Monday but then Friday happened.

The doctors called again. They sent his info to Salt Lake and they said surgery is one of the worst ideas you can choose and they want him to pass it naturally. Well this thing hasn't moved in a week. They said if starts to hurt than get it blasted with lictoscopy. I think that's a bad idea and we fume for the rest of the day. They pretty much told him to push through everything and suffer. 

Saturday was Saturday and Sunday was great because we rode around in a car all day. But we found out more information. If Elder Sharon does the treatment that was recommended by salt lake, he will be spending close to 1000 dollars even with insurance out of pocket straight up. He may also be hospitalized. So we are going to the hospital today to see what they want to do with him, and we will continue to talk to the doctors. It's all boiled down to whether Elder Sharon wants to stay or not.

Sorry this is pretty much just an email about Elder Sharon but I didn't do much this week. Our bishop travels to America often so he brought us back some cereal and goldfish crackers. My favorite foods! Anyways I still managed to get some pictures of me hijacking a train so please enjoy those! 

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Week 77 3/20/17 Japanese Hospitals Are The Bane of American Missionaries

Hello everybody it is I once again. You may be wondering about my
email title and I just want to tell you that I am okay. My companion
however, is not. I will explain later on in this email, but first I'll
cover my week.
You've already seen some of the pictures but I went to Nikko on
Monday, which is a world heritage site. The actual place was built in
the Edo period of Japan (Edo is the old name for Tokyo when Kyoto was
the countries capital). We had a great time and even though I've seen
plenty of shrines in my life, I was thoroughly impressed by this one.
They had a dealing that roared. I guess you had to be there. No
pictures allowed though because it is used for actual worship.

On Tuesday we taught a lot of English and visited a good amount of
members. Really it was a pretty normal day, but this is when it gets
not normal. During Wednesday morning study, my companion started to
get really nauseous. He ended up throwing up and we stayed inside all
day. I sat in my desk chair for 15 hours straight because I didn't
want to get too close to a sick person. However, he was totally fine
the next day. We topped off Thursday by going up to Koga for zone
leader splits. I spent the day with Elder Peterson and it was pretty
awesome. We biked around 20-30 kilometers that day. We also found a
bunch of new investigators and had a wonderful time enjoying the
warmth of spring.

However, things got worse from there. My companion got sick again, but
this time it included a good amount of blood. Anytime he went to the
bathroom it was just blood so you can imagine my worry. So to cope I
told him to wait the rest of the night and went back to sleep.

SATURDAY MORNING. Still blood. We go back to Oyama from our exchange.
There was a huge factory fire so there was ash falling everywhere.
Wish I took a picture but I was biking sorry. We then go to the
"hospital" (Japan doesn't have hospitals. Just a ton of small
clinics.) and we waited for an hour to be told he has a kidney stone
with no tests or scans. We were skeptical because he wasn't
experiencing any pain. That night we got a ride up to Kiryu (an old
area of mine) for a priesthood meeting.

SUNDAY. STILL WORRIED. A member in the ward just got back from Fukuoka
for cancer in his kidneys. He had the same symptoms as elder Sharon so
everybody was getting a little worried. On the bike home, Elder Sharon
started to hurt and now we are dealing with a kidney stone. Not
cancer. That brings me to the adventure I'm in now.

I don't think I have very many pictures from this week so I'll post

them if I have some. Thanks for tuning in!

Monday, March 13, 2017

Week 76- 3/13/17 Fast Week

Hey family how was your week? Well I'm about to tell you about mine.
It was a fast one.
Monday was spent hiking a mountain with a less active. I told you of
that but now I have pictures to send. Tuesday was temple p-day.

On Wednesday I was sick. Also did eikaiwa.

Thursday was weekly planning and zone meeting so not much happened there.

On Friday we served our friend Rob and cleared rocks from his yard so
we can put in grass. It's so nice just to put on normal clothes and do
some service. We then ended the day with choir night which is always
an adventure. I sang country road with several older Japanese men.

Saturday was spent doing some planning and we did a kubari-kai at our
station. We handed out tons of fliers and several people have called
with interest in our English program so we're quite excited. When I
was a bean al we did was pass out fliers so it seems all that practice
came in handy. I'm very good at handing things out.

Sunday was Sunday. Today we went to a world national heritage site.
It's called Nikko and it has a ton of shrines. It's the place where
the "here no evil, speak no evil, see no evil" monkeys originated so
we took pictures. While there we bumped into so many foreigners and
members of the church from America and we even had a group of 15
college students take us around and explain things to us for free. So
now we're all good friends. We ended the day with eating some good
Philippine food with our neighbors.
Sorry about the short email but not much happened for half of it.
Luckily I have pictures for you!


I got a surprise package from my favorite members in
Urayasu. I was very touched

the monkeys

The group at Nikko



Saturday, March 11, 2017

Week 75- 3/6/17 All Is The Same

Hello once again everybody! Who's ready for another update on my week?
In all honesty nothing crazy actually ever happens here just a normal
life. I'm not one to complain though. When interesting things happen
here or in somebody else's area in the district it usually just makes
me busy.

We all know the news of last Monday, I'm still in Oyama. Tuesday was a
pretty normal day. All the members were way surprised that Elder
Sharon is staying. We spent our day lining up opportunities at civic
centers and getting free advertisement for our Eikaiwa. We also had a
big party for all the transferring missionaries at the Adachi's house.
On Wednesday, while making sure everybody got to oyama safely, we made
advertisements materials for Dorian English challenge at Tochigi
station. We also taught Eikaiwa and I received a not entirely accurate
drawing of myself. I will attach a picture. Thursday was weekly
planning and stuff and Friday was District meeting and the actual
English challenge. We basically have a pre-made English test and try
to get kids to do it. Depending on their score, we can recommend
that they take a certain level course, and then offer them free
English tutoring. It's actually quite fun.
On Saturday we visited a youth named Takuto and had a good time. We
also met with our ward mission leader and talked about the status on
the ward and how to improve things. Then they took us out for dinner.
I honestly wanted Indian curry but we had noodles instead. Maybe next
Sunday was Sunday and on Monday we went hiking with a less active. I
took lots of pictures but they're all on my camera. If you want to see
them, talk to me after my mission.
That's about it for this week. I'm pretty tired and I have a hard time
remembering what the heck we do but we've been busy. Talk to y'all
next week!

Oh and a story I forgot from last week. We were at a members house and
we were eating Nabe. Nabe is just a bunch of vegetables and meat
thrown into a pot with flavored broth. However, the special thing
about this Nabe was that the meat was chicken meatballs and shark.
I've never eaten shark before so I was pretty excited. It tasted like
slightly more fishy chicken and was very soft.


English Challenge with a kid who got 100%

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Week 74- 2/27/17 I'm So Lost On What Week It Is

HELLO EVERYBODY HOW WAS YOUR WEEK MINE WAS GOOD. Now that we got that out of the way, we got transfer calls. Nothing really cool happened so
I'll tell you now. I'm staying as DL, Elder Sharon is still my
companion after 4 transfers in this area, and we are relatively

I'll give y'all the run down of this week. Not much stuff happened but
we were still busy.
Monday was p day
Tuesday we went and talked to a service place and now eyre going to
advertise our English class for free. I am a professional businessman.
We also ate burgers with Yoshiki because he's going to college in
Wednesday was a good day I think. We taught English at night. We had a
lunch appointment with a member in the ward and they made a ton of
food. I successfully dripped on myself. White shirts are the worst.
Thursday was an exchange. Elder Ricks from Utsunomiya came up and I
told him how to be a good missionary and we had lots of fun. We also
ate Indian curry for lunch AND dinner and that was a very big mistake.
Tasted pretty good though. It's also been getting hotter and hotter. I
have a couple of pictures from that split of me in interesting places.
Friday was District meeting and I once a again planned a good meeting.
We also had District lunch and ate large Brazilian hamburgers this
week. We also did that on Tuesday. Then we served our friend Rob and
sang stuff.
Saturday was fun. We had a cheesecake party and nobody came! Jokes on
them we didn't give them cheesecake. I also now know how to make
cheese cake!
Sunday was when we passed out the cheesecake. We also had church.

That's about it. This email isn't terribly detailed but I'm not at
home currently so I can't look at my planners and journal. Here are
some pictures!

Me in a cage


Burgers with Yoshiki before he leaves for Hawaii.