I am Elder Brett Moore, an LDS Missionary serving in the Japan Tokyo Mission from September 2015 - September 2017. I can be emailed while on the mission at: brett.moore@myldsmail.net

Elder Brett Moore

Elder Brett Moore

Monday, February 22, 2016

Week 21- 2/22/16 I'm So Tired

Hey it's that time of the week again, and you know what that means?
You have to suffer through another of my emails. This last week was
quite the adventure. I'll fill you all in.

So the first two days of the week were pretty much getting Elder
Yoshino and Elder Jensen packed up to go home/other areas. The
apartment was so messy and we barely got any time for missionary work
in. On Wednesday I met Elder Sato at the eki (station) and we went to
the apartment. He's transfer 11, and goes home in November of this
year. A lot of things changed here in Okegawa because we are now five
people in the apartment instead of 4, all crammed together in a living
space for probably three. It's all actually pretty fun until night
time. We all sleep in the same room because the living room is the
only room big enough and one of the Elders in the other companionship
snores. Loud. Like it sounds like someone is moving a heavy table
across sandpaper. I have gotten very little sleep in the past few

All in all though, I'm enjoying Elder Sato. He doesn't speak as much
English as Elder Yoshino did but I'm okay with that. Having your first
two companions be native speakers is a huge blessing. I've learned a
lot of slang. Speaking of slang, I taught a 60 year old Japanese man
what the slang term "clutch" meant. Now he says it at every
opportunity at Eikaiwa and I absolutely die laughing. Just imaging an
old man with a horrible Japanese accent say "How clutch is that?" Or
"Dude that's so clutch." His name is Tiger Woods (seriously) and he's
a riot.

We've walked a ton this week. Our investigators have been busy this
week so we haven't taught. Because of this we have to do streeting. I
think in the first 2 days Elder Sato was my companion we walked 40km.
Our phone tracks our progress. We walked over 100,000 steps in the
space of like 7 hours. It also rained HARD on Saturday, so that was an
adventure. But things are going good with us. We're going to try and
set a baptismal goal with Koda this Saturday and meet with another
solid sounding investigator named Sugino this Thursday. I'll attach
pictures below. Thank you for tuning in everybody! Talk to y'all next

Picture 1: Elder Yoshinos last dinner with Kazuhisa. We had kimchi
flavored Natto, which was not good. For this of you who don't know,
natto is fermented soybean with the smell and taste of sweaty gym
shorts, which mucusy strings like boogers holding it all together.
Picture 2: language study. I'm translating Preach my Gospel
Picture 3: I forgot to put the hood back on my raincoat. This was five
minutes of walking in the rain. I felt like I just got out of the

Video: Elder Sato eating Sour Patch Kids sour dust

Monday, February 15, 2016

Week 20- 2/15/16 End Of Transfer Two!


Yes it's that time of the week again. I'm happy to grace your inboxes
with my presence. This last week was quite the special week. The
reason for that is it was the last week of the transfer! I'm
officially not a trainee anymore! I also have some news regarding my

I am officially......................................................staying
in Okegawa!

My new companion will be Elder Sato, the current commissarian. He
helped us move last week and we all had a blast.

So about this week. It started kind of slow. We had dinner at
Kazuhisa's house as usual. He fed us hamburger. An interest thing
about Japan, is that they just eat hamburger. They don't necessarily
have to put it on buns.

The day after that we went down to Urawa for splits with the Zone
Leaders. I worked with Elder Broberg. We walked around 20 km in a few
hours and found a ton of people. Urawa area is about 1/3 the size of
Okegawa, so we walked pretty far. We also stayed at their apartment
that night.

The next few days consisted of us trying to make appointments and
lessons happen. Thankfully, we were fed pretty often this week. On
Thursday we went to the Kokai family's house and had yakiniku. I also
tried cow tongue for the first time and I must say it was very good.
Nice and firm with a good flavor. It was a little weird tasting
something that normally does the tasting though. The next day we had a
zone meeting down in Urawa, where we received training on lots of
stuff. We also had a lesson set with a college student named
Kozutsumi. He's pretty much the miracle of the week. We met him on the
train at the beginning of this transfer. He said he was interested but
very busy because he was studying for the college entrance exam, which
is a HUGE deal here. Instead, he gave us his number and said to call
him in February. Literally on the first of the month we called him up
asking to meet for lunch. We met near our old apartment for tsukemen,
which is ramen but the noodles sit outside of the soup so you dip them
in. After talking and getting to know home we asked if he was reading
the Book of Mormon we gave him. He said yes and wanted to meet more to
talk about it. Every week on Friday we will meet him and hold lessons
but that's not all. We invited him to church. Despite it being far, he
had interest and decided to come. He stayed for the whole 3 hours. He
said that it want what he expected, and that he liked it and will
continue to come every week! He's pretty much golden. Big thanks to
our members who did a lot of the fellow shipping themselves.

Oh so yesterday was Valentine's Day. I actually got stuff. I think
it's sad that as a missionary I got more valentines than before I left
on my mission but oh well. Japanese valentines is a little backward.
Because men are shy, the girl buys chocolate and gives to her
prospective Valentine. If the guys accepts, he buys her chocolate
back. If not, he eats the chocolate and the girl never gets any. Super
easy in my opinion.

Thanks for tuning in this week. I'm glad to be spending another
transfer (hopefully) in Okegawa. I'll update you all with my progress!
Here are some pictures.
Picture 1: Saitama zone- not really current anymore because transfers
but oh well
Picture 2: dinner with the Kokai family
Picture 3: picture with Elder Yoshinos "bouquet"- Hiroki is wearing
the blue in the middle. He's Kodas son
Picture 4: Eikaiwa!
Picture 5: dinner last night at the sugawara's- we had Japanese

kimchi, which was very good

Monday, February 8, 2016

Week 19- 2/8/16 We Moved Apartments


It's official, we finally moved! We will keep the same mailing address because our mail all goes to the mission office. I'm just gonna say it right now, the
apartment is wonderful. It's pretty big and probably the best part is
we have a heated toilet seat now, which is really good since we wake
up to snow sometimes. The only downside is we are literally right next
to other houses, so when we hang up laundry it gets kind of awkward.
It's an interesting way to meet the neighbors but missionaries are
weird anyways. I'll start my account from the top I guess.

Last Monday we didn't really do much. We had a Saitama zone p day and
did bowling but other than that it was a nice day to chill, which was
greatly appreciated. On Tuesday I went on splits with one of the
elders in the apartment. Since Elder Yoshino is the district leader,
he has to do splits with every elder in the district at least once per
transfer. This time I went with Elder Jensen. We taught a pretty good
lesson to a recent convert about 2 Nephi chapters 1 and 2. I strongly
recommend you read them. Chapter one is about strengthening ourselves
against trials and temptations, and chapter two is pretty much Lehi's
testimony of the plan of salvation. Read it!

Wednesday was a pretty basic missionary day. We walked a ton since we
knew we weren't going to get much missionary work done in the next few
days. We walked all over Ageo. Not much success but we did have a
bunch of contacts, and found a guy who met missionaries before, and
said he might contact us later, so that's something!

Thursday was the start to the madness. Our Thursday's are usually
pretty boring since they are also our weekly planning day. After
planning, we started the process of packing ourselves, and the
apartment. We cleaned, we scrubbed, we swept, we dusted, we packed.
However, Elder Yoshino and I took a break and met with an old
investigator from two years ago named Sugino. He's pretty much 金人
(kinjin, or golden investigator). We taught him about the spirit and
prayer and got to know him. Apparently we lived in the same prefecture
about an hour away! Crazy! He was so receptive and said he'd meet us

Friday and Saturday was packing, moving, and unpacking. Really not
much happened there so I don't think I need to cover it. A couple
elder from the 本部 (head quarters) came down with cars to help. All in
all it took about 8 hours to get everything to the new apartment but
we all had a good time. Still no oven. We have a fish
oven but I didn't know how to use it. All the instructions are in
Japanese and I don't have time to study those terms

Also, our investigators are doing well. We haven't been able to
contact Tonagi directly but we call him everyday. We still need to
reset his baptismal date. Also, Koda is doing amazing. We've been
getting him and Hiroki introduced to the ward members. Brother Kakiki
is our ward mission leader and he's honestly amazing. He talked to
Koda for a bit after church and told us he's pretty much ready to be a
member. We just need to set a date. I really hope I don't transfer
this week. I really want to see this family through. I've grown to
love them so much. They're so honest and want to improve. They have
that desire. Anyways that's pretty much it. I've got pictures from our
last district meeting and from last night. Brother Kakiki invited us
to dinner. The Japanese really know how to make good fried chicken.
Best stuff I've ever had. And it's all home-fried! anyways I'll attach
those below. Maybe some pictures of the apartment in a seperate email.

We had an earthquake last night. We were at a dinner
appointment with the ward mission leader (picture attached). It actual happened as we were taking the picture. His family
is great.

Transfers are next week. I'll be getting a new companion for sure,
maybe transferring to a new area. I really don't want to leave though.
Our area is about to explode with baptisms. Combined, we have 4
serious investigators with tons of interest.

Thanks for reading everybody! まった来週!

Also please do read 2 Nephi 1-2. They're really good chapters
My bed

My bed

Tiny kitchen

My study area
Ward mission leader Brother Kakiki and family

Picture from our last district meeting