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Elder Brett Moore

Elder Brett Moore

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Week 93- 7/10/2017 Still Busy And We Don't Know Why

Hello everybody! It's that time of the week again! I'm back!
This week was a busy one and we don't even know why. All our
investigators are too busy to meet us. Monday was a good p day. We ate
okonomiyaki, which is just like and unsweetened cabbage filled
pancake, except better than it sounds. It's good and easy to make. We
went out with some members.
Tuesday was a day of helping at the disability center and then eating
some of the best meat I've ever eaten in my life. It was raining
pretty hard but we don't care. We went out with a member named
Sugimoto and he took us to a yakiniku place, but one of the expensive
ones. I've never had that quality of meat before, and especially in
the last two years. I was amazed.

Wednesday was transfer days. Even though nothing happened to my
companionship we still were busy. We had to babysit the other elder
until his companion came. We had a good time and then went tot the
mission headquarters for a violin concert. We brought our friend Keita
and I was able to meet a lot of old investigators from past areas. One
gave me chocolate!

Thursday was also busy. We had to go up to Koiwa for District Leader
training and that jazz. I have a lot of stuff to focus on now. Got to
see Elder McIlrath if any of you remember him. We then came back,
planned, visited members and the like.

Friday was District Meeting and Chinese class. Wuu is such a nice guy.
We were able to eat out with him this week and we talked a lot about
faith. He said he wants to believe in Jesus but growing up in China,
and pretty much having a background of no God makes it hard for him
but he has desire.

Saturday was exercise, and mission school. We threw a takoyaki party,
which is octopus rolled and grilled inside little balls of dough. You
eat it with sauce and mayonnaise. Easily one of my favorite foods.
Then Sunday was church and we had a member of the 70 and the stake
president there without any notice. One of my trainees trained and
elder who trained the 70's son, so I have a special connection I
guess. Anyways that's my week. Hope everybody has a good one!

This is from last week at shabu shabu

Wuu and I

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