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Elder Brett Moore

Elder Brett Moore

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Week 92- 7/03/2017 The Beginning Of The End

Beloved Mina-sama once again, hello.
This was the last week of the transfer. That's right, we received
transfer calls. As per custom I'll fill you in on what happens in the
end of this email.

We spent P-day the usual way. Played some basketball and just chilled.
We did go out to shabu shabu with the Yamashitas. Shabu shabu is a
dish where they fill a pot with boiling water or sauce and you take
meat and vegetables of your choice, dip it in for a few seconds, and
then eat it. It's really good.
Tuesday was a pretty good day. We were busy so that's cool. We did a
Mogi with Brother Tomita and helped out at the disability center. I
made a new best friend there. A little boy that's about 4 or 5 and I
played with a train set and from there he wouldn't leave my side. He
was the cutest little guy. Wish I took a picture.
Wednesday was a normal Eikaiwa day. Nothing really special to report.
I had a huge class at Eikaiwa which was pretty good.
Thursday was also just a normal planning day. We also went and visited
some members but some of them weren't home. It's been getting way humid
though. It feels like a wall of water every time we go outside.
On Friday we did interesting stuff. We had District Meeting and taught
Wuu. We also had Chinese class. We then went out to sushi with Bishop,
Wuu, and two Mongolian members. We all had a good time and I got some
good tuna. We then had to get home very fast but we live in the city
so everything is close.
Saturday was very busy. We started our day by exercising with Illya
and then we helped a member move his house. From there I went on a
split and Elder Morris and I had dinner with a friend of his from a
past area since he's going home this week. We then bumped into Elder
Morris's cousin which was weird. We also had mission school and that
was great.
Sunday was even busier. We had church, a baptismal service, a YSA
activity, and bye-bye party for a soon to be missionary and and old
friend from my EFY days, church AGAIN, and reports. That's just what
happens when you are a super star I guess.

Now moving on to transfer calls. We received an email with all the not
transferring areas which we weren't on so we assumed someone was
transferring. However when we got the call nobody had a transfer for
us so we're both staying. I will be the District Leader for this
transfer though.

I'm looking forward to this transfer. We'll see how it goes moving
into the hottest time of the year. Elder Otani nearly died today
playing basketball due to heatstroke/dehydration so that was
interesting. Anyways here's pictures of my week!

All of us at sushi. Wuu is wearing the green shirt

Shehans baptism. He's from Sri Lanka

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